Above: If the finish was all shiny and new looking this Mauser would be fetching a lot, lot more. As it is the surface shows its age but of course there are no signs of rust or marked damage. Note the caption about the clip (Czech? 1950s?). The gun came with it so it will go with it.
Right: The recently issued Deactivation Certificate

allbits Mausercert allbits

The Mauser was owned by my collector brother and I bought it off him a couple of years ago. He originally bought it at the Chatham Militaria Fair some years previously and since that time he lost the original Deactivation Certificate - but I had another issued by The London Proof House in July this year. What else can I say? It's a joy to hold and toy with, the patina of age is quite beautiful but what really impressed me is the stunning workmanship of the firing mechanism - it feels as precise and effective now as it was when it was built. The holster/stock and leatherwork is equally well made with high quality materials - but obviously at a later date.

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